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Updated: 15W 20W 30W beam angle adjustable TLI 3-circuit track heads.!
ENCORE has already successfully launched NEW VERSION 15W 20W 30W beam angle adjustable 3-circuit track heads which are of well-engineered structure, exquisite appearance and reliable working performance.

- original Cree COB LED CXA1820/1830.
- CE or UL certified power driver.
- wide and smooth beam angle adjustability: 70D ~ 15D.
- perfect lighting spot without halo because of new lens & technology.
- flexible beam direction adjustability: 350D horizontally and 90D vertically.
- can be equipped with inbuilt 1~10V dimmer.

These amazing track heads have been increasingly bought and widely applied in places like art gallery, museum, jewellery shop, fashion store, luxuries showroom, etc.

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