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Hi, 2017!--- ENCORE New Year Party
Jan. 13th was a special day for Encore’s members, because a fantastic party was held here.

New Year Party is absolutely a big event for everyone, so all of colleagues took part in it:Some set up the stage; Some decorated the room; Some prepared snacks...
 Oh! There were a group of people whom we couldn’t forget---they were performers that brought us joy and happiness.
 See! How brilliant they were! Some were singers, some were dancers, some were comedians and some were cross-talk actors.
Whoever they were, they had something in common --- They were a part of Encore.

The party was full of cheers and laughter, we reviewed our past and looked into the future.We drunk a toast for a brighter tomorrow.
What a beautiful and memorable night!

The last but not least, best wishes to Encore: Getting better and better!