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ENCORE Mid-Autumn Festival Collective Outing
On September 10, 2016, ENCORE organized an unforgettable and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival in Dapeng New Disctict, Shenzhen City. This activity aimed to promote communication, strengthen the cohesion and relax ourselves.

In the morning, we went to an interesting farm, allowing us to experience and enjoy a relaxing farm life. We were divided into three groups to cook by ourselves. Everyone was enjoying in it a lot.

After lunch, we organized a series of meaningful games, such as playing billiards, extremely competitive tug-of war, interesting LS ( I love you & Shame on you), both funny and annoying the-blind-and-the-lame. Everyone actively participated in games and spared all efforts to win the prize, permeating with a happy smile. 

From this unforgettable collective outing, we learned how important team cooperation was, taking a positive attitude to face the problems in our life and work. Each product is the labor fruit of all members of ENCORE, and ENCORE always insists on taking every customer and every product into seriously.