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ENCORE Annual Party in 2018
     A big annual party was held at the date of 2nd February, all of Encore’s employees and managers were participated in the restaurant together. We families all spent a beautiful night there.   
     The reasons for this party is not only to celebrate the harvest year 2017, but also to predict the more prosperous new 2018 in Encore.
     There are 3 parts for this party:
     Part 1, Awards for excellent staffs
     Our general manager Rocky awarded certificates and bonuses to 2 excellent staffs Mrs Selena and Mr. Stone who made continuous contribution to Encore.
     Part 2, Shows from every department
     Every show was prepared for 1-2 months, so this part really feast our eyes by wonderful presentations.
     Part 3, Enjoy dinner together
     Actually dinner were lasting 2 hours during the above two parts. At the end of this annual party, we take a photo to commemorate.

     It’s a really successful annual party, hope we also have a successful and harvest New Year for Encore in 2018.
end of this annual party, we take a photo to commemorate.