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Anti-virus Fight, we are fighting together!
On January 23, 2020, due to the epidemic, Wuhan government of China unanimously announced the closure of the city!

On February 3, 2020, the scheduled date of Encore to return to work, all employees strictly isolated themselves, telecommuting at home, and handling work tasks!

On February 24, 2020, under the guidance of the Chinese government, Encore took preventive measures to start the resumption of production of some employees safely and orderly!

On March 23, 2020, with the approval of the national government, the rest employees who had been isolated at home for two months also returned to the company. At this point, all employees in all departments of Encore are back to work!
After resumption, Encore continues to take strict anti epidemic measures:
1. All employees must wear masks while working;
2. At least 2 meters away from each other at the dinner time and meeting time;
3. Disinfecting every corner of the company three times a day;
4. The anti epidemic team measure the temperature of employees and record their health status in the morning and afternoon. During this period, Encore did not have any employees infected.

In terms of production, Encore did not delay the delivery of any clients.

In the epidemic war, all of people are the community of human destiny. After two months, China about win! Do believe that the world will win soon as well! Through tough time together!